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Like in a real party, you need to host it in a flat, house or in your favorite bar. You can create rooms which people can join and do something together. Everyone can choose their room they want to go by themselve and a limit ensure that one place does not get to crowded. Now the important part: A party is only fun if there is something todo! So be creative!

We have added some features which should help you to make the best out of your party. You can setup everything with the advanced builder or use the simple one and update it in the admin settings later.

  • Room name: Define your rooms and give them some meaning. You like whiskey? Just add a whiskey lounge. You want to play some games? Add an arcade room and link online party games you like.
  • Info: Each room has a short info section which you can define in the admin settings. My favorite one is "Enter the room - drink a shot!". Another one could be "Playing scribble at https://skribbl.io/"
  • Shout: Remember the guy who always had some fun ideas. With shouts everyone can send a message to everyone else.
  • Limit: To many people in one room kill the conversation. You can define your own limit but keep it small, so people are able to actually talk to each other.
  • Background: A good party has a great location. You find some predefined onces in the simple builder. But whats better than a party at your own place. Sketch the flat you (want to) live in on a sheet of paper. Take a picture and upload it in the admin settings to make the party truly yours. You can also go to the Advanced Builder and create your party from scratch.
  • Music: A good party needs a Dj. There are many options to archive this. You can just link one of your favorite music services. We recommend to create a room at synctube SyncTube to listen simulatiously to the same playlist on Youtube.
  • Save: We delete everything after some days no one is activ at your party. But you can download your party setup in the admin setting and use the Json Builder to recreate it next time.

If you miss something just let us know!